| 04 | 2018
Words: Isaque Kirschner Photography: @frankvandersman @gianmarco_dv @rabbitfilms @romanshotthis

Kirschner has teamed up with Nordweg to create the gorgeous Serra Saddle Bag.

Nested in the mountains of Rio Grande Sul is Picada Café city is where we found some of the nicest roads through valleys, forests and riversides of Southern Brazil. The climbs are steep, narrow and perfect for mountain bike and road bike rides. In the city of Picada Café is located Nordweg Leather with some of the best craftsman  producing leather goods for men. Nordweg is known for it’s adventure vibe and exceptional service and teamed up with Kirschner to create the leather Serra saddle bag.

Picada Café city, where the saddle bag is produced. Image by @manuela_palmberger

Sturdy and beautiful the saddle bag has been tested in the roads of Marrakech, Sahara desert, Southern Brazil and New York city.

Frank said: “I took the Serra Saddle Bag on a bicycle trip through Marocco. We’ve travelled from Marrakech over the mountains towards the Sahara desert, where we encountered endless gravel and rocky roads. Not once I had to worry about the bag, keeping my essentials nice and steady whilst I enjoyed the ride.”  Frank V.



Serra saddle bag photo by @gianmarco_dv for the @pedaledjapan collection

Compact and minimal, it secures tightly under either a road or mountain bike saddle with a durable canvas strap and Velcro fastening. It holds the essentials and nothing more: inner tube, keys, CO2 canister, small multitool, phone, and ships with a zipped valuables case in soft premium leather. The grey nylon lining is water resistant and the signature Nordweg zip pull is sturdy.



Nordweg ships international and you can buy the Serra saddle bag in the link below:

Image by @romanshotthis in NYC

Isaque Kirschner